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Properly Accenting Your Doors: A Guide to Door Furniture and Why it’s Important

Posted on: January 5, 2013

Your front door says a great deal about your home.  Chances are, if you live in a light, modern, airy new-build, you’re not going to find a heavy, Victorian style door hanging outside.

Victorian style door knocker

So, if you’re about to install a new door on your property, there are a few points to take into consideration:

  • Don’t overlook the hardware and door furniture
  • Both should match the door’s style
  • Your door should be in keeping with the architectural style of your home.

There are numerous styles you can choose to furnish your door, from Modern to Gothic, or something in between. Our professional advice is that you try and match styles of hardware with both the door and home styles, as this will tie the entire visual presentation together and create a balanced and unified look for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Matching Styles with Door Furniture

When replacing or installing a door for the first time, be sure to match the style of the house.   You may wish to dig into documents to retrieve details about your home (for instance, find out when it was built) before starting work replacing and updating your front door.

Here are a few general overviews of the different period styles, and what you should look out for when replacing your doors and door furniture:

Victorian style:

Victorian interior design was typically dark, with many large ornamental flourishes.  Colours ranged from rich jewel tones to darker, more somber colours too.  This particular architectural style derives from other past styles, including Gothic, and is popular throughout the United Kingdom.

In terms of door furniture, a Victorian-style door would include an ornate style door handles or a beaver tail design.   If you would prefer a doorknob, for Victorian-era homes, we have to recommend the beaded oval knob.  And, among our collection of door furniture, our traditional Victorian knocker can complement any Victorian door with any combination of other door furnishings that we have available for you.

Edwardian style:

Another common and popular style of home is the Edwardian. This style of home is rarer than the Victorian style, primarily because the Edwardian era was a lot shorter. However, where the styles differ is that where the Victorian-era home style seemed dark and uninviting to some, the Edwardian style was lighter and more welcoming.

This lighter appearance and feel is immediately evident in Edwardian homes. In broad historical terms, Victorian England was considered to be a dark and industrial time, whereas the Edwardian era a light at the end of the tunnel. The Edwardian-style home promoted both things of fancy and art, and so if you want to replicate this form we recommend the regency style lever. In addition, as an alternative to a door lever we also offer a variety of other fancy knobs for our Edwardian style doors.  When furnishing your Edwardian style door, be sure to check out our chateau style knocker, which is a perfect complement to the high class style of the Edwardian era.

At Old English Doors, we are adept at matching architectural styles with our wide range of door furniture so that you can restore your home to its original grandeur or even create a period home from the ground up.